M I L E N A   B A R R E T T                                 An Authentic Blues Rock Phenomenon


For lovers of authentic blues and soul, the sonic shockwave that is Milena Barrett is like a rip in the space-time continuum. Considered by many as the wild child of Etta James and Steve Marriot, her voice is a time machine transporting us back to a jumping back-woods BBQ shack somewhere deep in the Delta but with a sensitive touch of Parisian nights.

Whether she performs in London, Memphis, or Sydney, the Aussie-born, British singer resonates all the way through the blues, soul and roots rock era. Milena delivers a mystic blend reminiscent of the late great Janis Joplin, but don't be fooled, it's also a voice of today, a knowingly street smart power that evokes the spirit of Amy Winehouse touched with the sensitivity of Adele.

Every track on her new release “Spring” resonates back to that sixties soulful honesty that sold by the millions. Yet her song writing is totally contemporary. The song “Cry” is honeysour sluiced with emotional realism yet leaves you with an uplifting feeling.

But the real master piece is “Time to say goodbye”. In this track, Milena’s voice reaches out and caresses your heart and makes it feel safe and unconditionally loved, an extraordinary emotional piece that evokes the feeling we all have when we fall in love.

So while Blues Time Magazine compares her with Aretha Franklin, Glen A Baker describes her as 'One of Australia’s most talented Blues & Soul female vocalists, an outstanding Talent like no others' and Steve Arthur of the LA Weekly writes 'Milena’s voice will transport you to this cherish place where only true lovers go, her voice is loaded with pure, genuine and spontaneous passion”

In today's world of fake vibrato vamps Milena is breath of fresh air. Channelling her musical heroes, including Paul Rodgers' in his early Free years plus a chaser of Freddie King, she's an authentic blues rock phenomenon. And it's easy to frame Milena as a female version of these lauded talents, but she’ never simply attacking her material but crafting and shaping it, revealing its truth…People get ready. 
Neal Vaughan